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Software Localization
(Globalize your Software)

If your organization is facing the challenges of expanding your global market, requiring professional project management of your translation and localization projects, consider us. For localization of software, training materials, web sites, or documentation — We provide the experience and expertise you need.

Localization is part of the translation process. From start to finish, we employ processes and methodologies that enable us to deliver world-class applications designed for the global market. The focus of each translation and localization project is to produce a final product that appears to have been designed in the target language from the onset. Our localization methodology has been created to ensure unparalleled quality by selecting translations professionals in the target market.

Support for multiple-languages is a feature of many enterprise-level vendor sites. In continental Europe, this type of feature is common place, with the sites attracting much more traffic than they would if they were kept to just their native tongue.

The lesson is : If you want to reach a global audience, then you should be prepared to address markets in the language that they understand.

Contact: info@exceladdins.net, info@lantechsoft.com