Power Excel


MS Excel is very popular software and used near about in every industry. Power Excel is an Excel add-ins used to improve its power. Macros in Excel and Excel add-ins are used to increase the power of Excel. Power Excel helps to make tedious work easy and fast. This Excel utility is very reliable and convenient as it saves both the Time and Money. In this single utility there is over 100+ sets of command, which makes it user friendly and reduces the manual efforts. It has very easy installation process. There is no need to apply extra efforts to attach this utility with excel. It will attach with excel sheet as Power Excel ribbon itself.

  • Remove Numeric/Alphanumeric Characters.
  • Remove UPPER/lower Case Characters in Excel.
  • Remove Leading, Trailing & Extra Spaces in Excel.
  • Remove User-defined Characters in Excel.
  • Remove Empty and duplicate Columns in Excel.
  • Remove Empty Worksheets in Excel.
  • Transpose Column data into tabular form.





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